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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Petr Kožíšek

Petr Kožíšek, Milena in Paris II, 2007, 140x135 cm, tempera, email and acryl on canvas

Petr Kožíšek, Milena in Paris II, 2007, 140x135 cm, tempera, email and acryl on canvas

Painter Petr Kožíšek (1972) created this painting of Czech emigrant Milena and realized then the portrait is very similar to my face. And that's true! Sometimes we're surprised with the results of our art explorations. And this made me happy. Thank you Peter! :)
See also his latest web show on Radikála, where is also published his latest real exhibition in the Dolmen Gallery.


Pavla Kislerová is in India

One day we made a trip to the Holštejn Cave with my fellows from Punkwa Art Group and Dr. Václav Cílek (I wrote about it on this blog and on my site) I was lying on the stone inside the cave when someone came to me and said: "Can I ask you something? Aren't you cold?" :) It was Pavla and that's how we've met. Nowadays she's in Kashmir with her english friend. Good luck pilgrims! Look at her blog, website, fellow student Klarisa, boyfriend and video. I think she's cool and spiritual. :)


Invitation to Cuba and the Google videos from April

I'm in touch with Ms. Karina Hernandez-Boodhoo from Holguin, Cuba for few months. The Culture Ministry of Holguin is willing to communicate with the artists worldwide and invite them to Festivals which they organize. Just read the latest invitation letter. And here are some short videos on Google by Alice Hilmarová from the ARSkontakt Balance exhibition opening in April 2007 at the South Wing of The Brno City-Hall: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 For your information ARSkontakt is an art competition for artists under 26 years, founded by curator Kateřina Tučková.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Camilo Villanueva

Today I'd like to introduce Camilo Villanueva, a painter from Argentina. Camilo creates colorful paintings which remind me crystals of energy behind the closed eyes or different dimensions and layers of physical space. His original style is based on sensitively composed colors in bright clean facets and auras. Find more on his websites www.camilovillanueva.com