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Friday, November 30, 2007

Latest finds

Have a look at the angels around The Throne of the Lord from The Paris Apocalypse and these plasmatic elves on wonderful paintings by Martin Mainer. Oh, those colours!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Video of JK's Ostrava exhibition opening


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marie Polaskova

I had a very special dream tonight. I met there my former fellow student Marie, who I haven't seen for years neither in the real life nor in my dreamings. It was a surprise, when she, a teacher of yoga, Tensegrity and other psycho-physical exercises within the scope of her graduant study at FaVU, caught my hand on a meadow where a lot of practitioners were having their places in the midnight. She steered me to her blanket in front of all the others (she was a leader of the rest of people) - it was my place. Then she sidled away...for a while. But I fell asleep earlier than she moved back. When I woke up in the dream she started kindly comment my actual estate of life, lovely criticize my actual spiritual situation. Then it became a lucid dreaming. Maybe the most stupid but most common approach, at least which I do, is a trying to contact the person in this watchful kind of sleep. I tried to do that again and saw some visions in a "window" or through "a channel" but I think little of that. Then it slowly and continuously changed to the perfect awareness. I woke up physically but still be in bed, without any vestige of sleepiness but restful and meditating. The message was clear. Imagine yourself five years ago and compare your ideals to your actual life. Maybe I was reading too much the recent auction results, omitting the spirit these days. To be here and now! OK, thank you my dear inner voice, I'll be more careful. I started with making today a fasting day. Btw. Marie is definitely very interesting painter and I'd name her a spiritual artist as well. See her websites www.e-marie.cz and her Stuart Page. Anyway I think that the topic of my awaking dream was not herself as a person. :)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stuck in the Middle of November - a few pictures from the art exhibition opening

Group photo of participating artists, art exhibition Stuck in the Middle of November opening 14.11.2007 Topič's Salon Národní 9 Prague

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

From the Bottom Up and Invitation to Stuck in the Middle of November

The latest painting which I created and exhibited (in the Gallery Minikino in Ostrava) is a watercolor on paper titled From the Bottom Up (Zdola nahoru) and it's a view from the underground point in a direction up, to the light, by and through many tiny roots of plants and the earthworms with similar body structure. It's a brush drawing inspired by an idea which came to me during gardening. From the Bottom Up, watercolor on paper, 49x70 cm, 2007 When I try to remember about the initial inspiration one vision is always coming on my mind: the skeletons from my painting The Mass Loan in Progress (about temporality of our physical bodies loan) lying below a tree, viewed from the top of the tree. From another pocket: I'd like to invite those of you who live or visit Prague in the middle of November to the opening of interesting selection of contemporary Czech painting which will take place in a prestigious Topic's Salon (Topičův salon) on the National Avenue (Národní třída 9), a jump from the National Theatre building which stands on the Vltava riverside. Since 1895 there were organized many important exhibitions and in May 2007 the second most expensive Czech painting ever was auctioned off there (The Abstract Composition by František Kupka for 13,4 million crowns). The show in November is titled Stuck in the Middle of November and its core consists of Prague Stuckists, Czech section of british artistic movement - Stuckism and it's curated by Robert Janás PhD. and sponsored by the Dolmen Gallery. I'm not in the Stuckists art group but I'm glad to be selected to exhibit with them, some of them are my good friends. A representational catalogue was printed on the occasion of this exhibition. The second huge auction of modern Czech art by Gallery Dolmen will take place in the Topic's salon on the November 25th but you can see the hundreds of auction lots already now. Come and join the party. :)

Galerie Dolmen: Uvízli v listopadu /Stuck in the middle of November/ Filip Kudrnáč Jaroslav Valečka Lukáš Orlita Jan Spěváček Jana Prekopová Barbora Lungová Kateřina Pažoutová Jan Karpíšek Jiří Hauschka Robert Janás ve středu 14. listopadu 2007 v 18.00 hodin Topičův salón, Národní 9, Praha 1 úvodní slovo: Robert Janás, PhD. výstava potrvá do 30.11.2007

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