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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Buy Original Paintings

One of the websites I use to sell my paintings is www.buy-original-painting.com Modern technologies today offer amazing ways to achieve freedom of living. Is it a sign of self-anchoring in reality if we use them? It is important if they do not limit us and we are not addicted to them. Just as too strong desire that one of the Buddhist Precepts warns about, the dependence on social networks and the Internet brings us suffering. On the other side if an artist sells a painting every month, it will greatly help his budget. He can relax and devote himself more to his children and to art as such. Another aspect that I often notice is doing good in relation to the voice of my conscience. It's all matter of balance and according to my experience practicing Zazen and beekeeping are helping me to find some balance in this busy life.


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