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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald Trump

Donald Trump beeing inserted in the beehive by artist Jan Karpisek
In my experimental art cooperation with honeybees their activity is fascinating but it's not what I'm focused on the most. My main topic is a tendency of human mind to interpret the reality. During Zazen practice we face what our mind is doing almost all the time. It's adding something to the real state of universe. Well, it's the principle of Rorschach test as well. It's more interesting because in this case the coincidental shapes are created by a superorganism of fascinating honeybees! It's funny sometimes to listen people's explanations of what my bees have done with the paintings I inserted in their beehive. "Do they feel your energy?" "Do they recognize you?" "Can bees read in German?" But I wanted to go further so I asked myself what is moving or exciting these days? And it's politics! And who will be the new president of USA is a matter of global impact. Mr. Donald Trump was called a threat at least for the United States by security experts. I drew his portrait and inserted it in the hive. I was surprised when after a single day it almost disappeared. They don't gnaw off the paper so quickly normally. (Maybe I have chosen a softer paper subconsciously.) Only his flag pin on suit and part of his tie remained. I drew the same portrait and estimated to leave it for honeybees interaction for few hours only. I was surprised again. This time also part of his amazing hair was left. Viewers commented massively that even honeybees recognized what a terrible man he is, that bees can predict future etc. Nobody knows who will be the next president of the United States. Maybe it will be Hillary Clinton. I plan to draw also her portrait for my bees. But I'm almost sure it's just a paper with some ink lines for the insect trying to clean up their home. And this shows something very important for real life. Actually much more important than who will be next American president.

Donald Trump #1, honeybees interaction / ink on handmade paper, cca 39x40 cm, 2016 Donald Trump #2, honeybees interaction / ink on handmade paper, cca 39x40 cm, 2016

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...fandím tomu pánovi,
bezpečnostní experti jistě sladí cukrem*

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