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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Skoda of the Indians

Škoda of the Indians (A Pity for the Indians), oil on metal Škoda hubcap, Landfillart project, ø26 cm, 2009

Original painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Škoda of the Indians" (A Pity for the Indians) was created for the Landfillart.org project of Ken Marquis (Pennsylvania), artistic recycling the old metal hubcaps. The red Indian hunter on the painting wants to kill a deer but his arrow is really poor and anyway, the whole world is holden by Mara, the Lord of Death...

Winter Mandala

The Winter Mandala, the natural pigments from Rudice on canvas, 64x84 cm, 2009

Karpíšek's "Winter Mandala" has been left on the artist's garden for the whole winter to be finished by natural process of snowing, raining, melting, winding etc. The abstract concentric circles with a strange spot in the middle could be understood as a metaphor of the Self.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Karpisek joined Landfillart.org