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Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Spiritual Paintings

I have overpainted The Landscape made in 2002 with "a time raster". Stroke by stroke I covered all the dirty sky in this small picture. Now it looks much better. This kind of raster gave name to whole series where the process is more important than result. Or do I actually know what is more important? The Landscape with Time, acryl on canvas, 44x53 cm, 2002 (2007) I can be only aware of the simple painting approach and watch its accuracy as well as my thoughts. This concentration allows me sometimes to realize basic background, a moment without thoughts. But no hurry. It's coming slowly. Something what has never gone and is only hidden. /Maybe it's a problem that I like the metaphors in art so much./ ;) The Wool of Time, watercolor on paper, 10,5x15 cm, 2007 Prior remake of this landscape I created several pieces on paper. My favourite result is a small (10,5 x 15 cm) Wool of Time with orange watercolour, cheap black ink and tea lines rotates. This black ink changed color into grey with green tones when contacted with water..but I'd like to keep the whole principle of its origin hidden. I really enjoyed it. Anyway the most important using of time raster came later on a light-blue canvas where few beings are looking for their own meaning of life. Are they aware of their most beloved activity like animals or better? The Spiritual Painting with Time, acryl on canvas, 95x110 cm, 2007 An ugly slim model watching her beauty in a mirror and a fat rich man holding his money watching only profit and its unlimited rising. :) A marihuana smoker, rasta pothead is not focusing on any subject much on this painting. He is smoked and his consciousness foggy. Above these three being are others who have deeper knowledge of reality. They're better connected with the blueness (oneness, background of existence) and also a contact with outside the frame is present but something is covering them. It's a time raster but its meaning is not strictly Time allthough its title is The Spiritual Painting with Time. I just haven't found a better name yet. :) The Frei Jack Dancing, acryl on jute canvas, 46x55 cm, 2007 Similar combination of blue and brown is used on the last painting I want to mention today. The wise fool Frei Jack is dancing while his body shaped with link of unpainted yute. This principle of inverted line is another material-metaphor I've already used (e.g. in Insect and The Bearded Man). Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, one of important advaita masters of our era was speaking often about the Essence of Being and the observer of this elementary prerequisite of all other deeds and phenomenons. It is a pure background of canvas in my art. Maharaj said that only who realized the source of this essence, of counsciousness of self is free. (But no hurry...) Fool Frei Jack knows the source of essence of being (certainely it's not a matter of knowing, thoughts and words but live experience) he has no future so he is only dancing. Dance, dance, dance now and here! :)

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