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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Spring 2024

Day after tomorrow is my 43rd birthday. What's new? In the previous post I mention the sales site buy-original-painting.com. Well, that doesn't exist anymore for a while, I also canceled the Etsy shop that powered it and redirected the domain. I don't sell paintings on the Internet now, except for three paintings in a small project of my friends, to tell the whole story. We painted the last painting called Red Anchor together with Jonáš two years ago and dedicated it to his grandfather as a Christmas present.
Sons of artist Jan Karpíšek, 2024
Jonáš is the first one from the left of my gang, which lately I've been putting more effort and care into than in art. Therefore, the lack of traffic to my web portfolio does not bother me at the moment and I do not deal with marketing. It's a terrible nuisance anyway. :D Sometimes someone invites me to an exhibition, such as in February to the small town of Jemnice in the south of Vysočina (Bohemian-Moravian Highlands), where there was a very nice, I would say neighborhood opening in the packaging-free store Opobchod, where they offer the best regional delicacies. My friend Prune played the guitar there and the aforementioned Jonáš accompanied her on the kalimba. I was very happy about it, really. I was also invited to participate in the Czech-Austrian project Second Cities, where a certain immateriality, processuality is accentuated, they emphasize ritual rather than physical artifacts. I plan to burn biochar there on the river bank. We'll see in September. Other participating artists are Hynek Skoták, Tereza Holá, Lucie Králíková, Markéta Olšarová and curator Silvie Šeborová. Our initial trip to Graz last year was a great relief from everyday worries and I enjoyed it a lot. Austrian participants are Elisabeth Gschiel, Anja Korherr, Catrin Manoli, Franz Konrad, Igor F. Petkovic, curator Iris Kasper. I'll let you know when I paint a good canvas. I feel passion for painting still. For example, when I see how the buds on my trees are pouring, I see a meadow dug up by wild pigs, or in a gray forest, the blooms of the willows shine, calling the bees to pasture. If I haven't remembered this blog for a while, check out what I'm up to in the garden on my Instagram. I go there more often. And how are you? Write it to me in the comments. Cheers!

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