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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maristha Schellink

It's a pleasure for me to invite here Maristha Schellink, 39 years old artist and healer from South Africa. Maristha stated on her websites about her work that she paints who and what she is, so as she changed, her paintings changed too. Maristha Schellink: Moon Fairy No.2, 45x35 cm She is interested in Reiki, alternative healing methods, runes, tai chi... Her colourful paintings often created on a triangular surface represents her own spiritual aspirations and journey. These are full of energy and subtile beauty. Most of all I like her figurative drawings of the "Isa series" where I see the strongest (or maybe most palpable) message. I was glad when I found some similar shapes and topics in her art as Lukas Karbus or I have created. Please take a while and have a look at maristha.blogspot.com. There is a lot of light. Welcome, Maristha!

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