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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cílek, Kožíšek and the others in March

I wrote an email to painter Petr Kožíšek (1971) offering him an opportunity to join this website and other virtual places managed by me for free because I consider his works as highly spiritual. It's been more than a week he didn't respond to me. But never mind...

While a huge response in many dimensions and spheres came to me for the trip with Václav Cílek and other eight people to The Dungeon Cave in Holštejn last Saturday. The Dungeon Cave in Holštejn, Moravian Karst I don't want to publish my thoughts and feelings from there, some of them are too private and actually it's also a problem to draw up some words. :) Have a look at the photos from this trip and if you live not so far than don't wait and go to Holštejn too. The Cave itslef is a big space inside a grey (white?) rock placed on the tableland above the village. Dr. Cílek has wonderful knowledge and very kind character. I like him.

Currently I do paint more often than in January for example (but now I still suffer from missing the aikido trainings - while on the last one I passed successfuly through the 6th kyu tests). I make mainly watercolors and inks on paper, but the canvases continue too, whereas I took a fancy to the long term being with. Never before I lived with my paintings for months, walked by them and met them during most of the ordinary days. This long-lasting liaison seems to be the benefit, with time I see what is important, fascination by particular success disappears, yes - liaison, I create the paintings and they create me through their presence, the externalised interior speaks from outside to inside about itself to itself, all is one anyway.
Jack In The Green, painting by Jan Karpíšek
Especially I rejoice the Green canvas which is about Jack in the Green, spirit of wood as well as about the awareness which reject nothing of its focus. It's not finished yet and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it until the important show on April the 18th (ARSkontakt balancing at 6 pm in the South Wing of New city hall in Brno) where it will be presented until the 15th May. (The show repetition will take place in Prague between 10th October and 10th November.) ARSkontakt is a new name of Artkontakt, competition of young artists, whereas I was awarded by the 2nd Prize in 2004. Before the green one I created a small orange called One Energy. Five days prior the ARSkontakt show there will be a huge benefit auction AMARO JILO in the Brno House of Art whereas I donated Parsley and Time of Woman. Probably they won't be available for such a discounted prices (21 and 12 thousands CZK) anymore but also I think that only one of them will be sold. This auction profit will support mending of parish center for gypsy kids by Zbrojovka factory, which I walked many times around when we had a studio with Punkwa Art Group there.

Once we read in horoscope that Pisces zodiacal sign are characteristic with their unhappiness and dissatisfaction and here it applies to me, I'm still not satisfied with how much I paint but it's good, hopefully the pain will force me to paint more. Someday I looked at our kitchen unit desk, yellowing and browning of superior tea preparing everyday several times, a deed which I do most properly, so I put a piece of carton on it and thereby another big time art project started, reminiscent to The Oranges in my graduation work. Soul of Fish must relax sometimes and this will help certainly, well now I do paint few times a day. :D An expression of flux evidential of this Fishness is also my liking of music by Karate (from Massachusetts), even some of their solo I do not much love, more I like e.g. Samiam in fact. These days I'm enjoying the new release by Lifetime and Květy.

Well strange today I wanted Barbara to shoot me with a camera as I was preparing Gyokuro tea but she said that it's really stupid to present myself as "the right guy" with "the right alternative hobbies". I thought that it would be a nice visual work dedicated to tea and tea-painting-timeness (I use a carton below the pot to record time) and I felt it's natural and fine idea. She feels that self-presenation as a "Japanofil" is silly and this is natural and fine as well. :) So we made nothing. Never mind... :)

I made some new pictures of the badly documented early works like for example great common paintings with Alfred Symůnek from January 2003 as well as "Tracking for One Snail and Four Drosophila Flies" and again found photo of The Japanese Garden (Waterfall).

And how are you? Send me a comment. :)

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Blogger Jan said...

Time of Woman was sold in the benefit auction Amaro Jilo in House of Arts. I'm happy for that! :)

May 18, 2007 at 1:10 AM  

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